This is the truth and I’m sticking to it.

It’s Labor Day.  Both kids are asleep and Oatmeal is next to me reading a book.  It’s so relaxing around here right now. “Now” being the key word.  Because last week was probably, no definitely, the hardest week I’ve had as a parent. Friday in particular really kicked my ass.  Sorry for the language but […]

Feeling the Love at 10 Days Old

It’s 3pm, my nugget is full of milk and sleeping in his bouncer, and I have about 1 hour before I need to go pick up Poppyseed from daycare. So I figured I’d try to spill out a blog real quick. First and foremost, I want to post a few pictures of some really thoughtful […]

Dear Poppyseed, You’re Two.

Dear Poppyseed, We are already 6 weeks past your 2nd birthday, and I’m just now sitting down to write to you on this milestone. I’m going to blame you for that.  You keep me pretty busy, you know. Poppyseed, you are a little ball of energy.  Literally.  When people see you for the first time, […]

Poppyseed is almost 2.

Tonight I was going to sit down and write all about Poppyseed.  I was going to talk about all of her new words and sentences, her milestones, and all of the things she is doing that are just plain cracking us up. I decided I didn’t want to do that.  Instead I’m going to throw […]

The one about boosies.

Here’s a post for the mamas.  Guys, y’all just move along now.  Nothing to see here.  Nothing to see. I was talking to a friend the other day, and she casually asked if I was still nursing Poppyseed.  I couldn’t help but laugh, because, well, that is just a funny topic right now. I originally […]

12 weeks pregnant and 21 months old

We had such a fun, relaxing weekend.  On Friday I met Oatmeal down at his parent’s house in Sealy.  They were out of town for the week, so they needed someone to come and feed their horses.  We decided to just stay the night, which was kind of funny because it was probably the coldest […]

Some random thoughts spilled onto the page.

Reality: Every time I see this picture, I wish I could go back in time and watch him hold her like this again.  He loved to hold her.  He was so good with her.  I melt when I see this picture.  I fall in love with them both again and again.  Who gets lucky enough […]

A Day in the Life of Poppyseed

I was driving to the library with Poppyseed this week when I heard a little whisper from The Man Upstairs. “Enjoy these days.”  I looked in the rearview mirror at Poppyseed.  She was staring right back at me, sucking away on that paci, and when we made eye contact she scrunched her nose up and […]

It’s time to try again.

So, I said I’d post once my miscarriage was behind me.  I guess it’s that time. I don’t really know why I feel the need to write about this.  Here goes.  Maybe part of me wants to get this out somewhere. In my previous post I explained how it all happened.  Last month I took […]

Poppyseed is 18 Months Old

Our little one is officially 1.5 years old as of last week.  I had no idea how quickly they could learn at this age.  She learns new mannerisms, words, and skills every minute it seems. Some updates… just off the top of my head. Stats – For once I actually took her to a pediatrician […]