Lola the Working Mama – Update

I have been wanting to write about my transition back to work for some time now, but life has been busy!  I have a glass of wine and the jets are on in the bathtub, so I decided to sit down and just sort of ramble and unload.  This will be one of those entries […]

Poppyseed is 4 Months Old

Yesterday, the 23rd, Poppyseed turned 4 months old.  A third of a year has gone by pretty darn fast. I used to wonder (and obsess… and agonize) about how I would POSSIBLY live my life with a baby.  It seemed like such a huge sacrifice, responsibility, and frankly, inconvenience.  I once even told my sister […]


Sometime last week or maybe the week before that, Poppyseed started to laugh.  I’m pretty sure Oatmeal was the first to discover it.  We were all snuggling in bed, making a Poppyseed sandwich as he calls it, and he started blowing and gobbling all over her belly.  Suddenly our bedroom was full of adorable little […]

Learning to breastfeed kind of sucked.

This is the truth and I’m sticking to it. I’ve been wanting to write a post about nursing my wee one for some time now, but it never feels quite right.  People are so funny about the whole breastfeeding topic.  Some people think it’s awesome, but a lot of people act like the subject should […]

Why We Are Trying Out Cloth Diapers

So the few of you who have seen my nursery know that I have a large stash of cloth diaper supplies. “GASP!  You are doing cloth!?!”  (Spoken by the girls who do not have kids yet, and are thus completely grossed out by the entire concept.) “Snicker snicker… you’re thinking you’re going to do cloth, […]