Summer Shenanigans

It’s been SO long. Several months ago I typed my website into my browser and hit enter.  I was shocked to realize that my entire domain had expired!  “Has it been that long!?  Wasn’t my card on autopay!?”  As it turns out, when you let your domain expire you have a grace period to get […]


It’s December.  The most WONDERFUL month of the year!  I’ve already buckled my seatbelt and located all of the tissues, and it’s a good thing, because I am turning into a bigger sap every day. This is the first year that both of my kids will be old enough to really enjoy all that is […]

Dear Teachers….

Dear Teachers, It’s the day before my littles begin preschool.  Today was one of our best days of the summer, and I am so acutely aware that tomorrow they’ll be off to meet you! Ugh, I’m dreading it. OMG, I’m so excited. My kitchen is organized, breakfast is planned, and a newly printed “chore chart” […]

Middle is 2. TWO.

Dear Middle, Son, I’ve been putting this post off for almost two weeks.  I knew it would make me cry. That’s all the typing it took to start the waterworks.  Lord help your sap of a mother. Make no mistake, you are my baby, and I spoil you so.  I can’t help it.  You’re my […]

It’s Summmmmmmerrrr…..

It has been TOO LONG. This summer has been sweet, oh so sweet. In June we took the kids on a road trip to Quantico, Virginia, and Camp Lejeune, North Carolina to see some friends and family.  We were on the road for about ten days, just me, the hubs, and the kiddos. I’ll be […]

Poppyseed is FOUR…and other things.

Last month, my first born child turned four.  FOUR.  4. Did you know – 4 is not a baby?  4 is not a toddler.  A four year old is a full blown kid. This. Is. Too. Much. She has opinions.  About EVERYTHING. She argues like a 12 year old.  Half of the time, she actually […]

Middle Boy is 18 Months Old

Well, actually 18.5.  I’ll begin this post by stating the obvious… I don’t post or blog nearly enough.  But tonight I just HAD to, because we are in such as sweet spot.  This blog is going to be primarily about Baby Middle, who we now refer to as Middle Boy, but I have to mention […]

a Merry Little Christmas, Indeed.

Ahhhhhh.  Christmas. This year has been so great.  And gone by so fast!  How is it already Christmas Eve, I ask you!? This is my view.  I wrapped one gazillion Santa presents (he ran out of time and asked for my help), baked Jesus’ birthday cupcakes, cleaned out our upstairs AND downstairs toy stash, and […]

Fall in a Nutshell

It’s always slightly intimidating to return to my blog after a few months away.  I am just going to jump in with an overall family update and our family pictures. This time of year is just the BEST down here in Texas.  I’m cuddled up in my fluffy Pottery Barn rope (the one that Oatmeal […]

Life is Smooth Sailing and Middle is 7 Months Old

I think that we are all beginning to hit our stride. Baby Middle is now 7 months old!  I love, love, love this age! I am still trying to figure out his personality.  I thought he was so feisty when he was a tiny thing, but now that I see him growing out of his […]