Lola & Oatmeal Do Thanksgiving

This week has been very fun!  Since local schools got out for the entire week of Thanksgiving, I called my sister-in-law Bree to see if I could “borrow” one of her girls.  I took Bella, Poppyseed and Middle to the zoo on Tuesday.  For the record it is SO much easier to take a 1 […]

Middle Baby is 1 Year Old

My little boy recently turned 1.  I mean, I cannot even believe we made it this far. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again.  Middle was a tough baby.  On one hand I feel a bit guilty admitting that because all in all he was and is a healthy kid, and that’s all […]

Lola returns with a THREE MONTH recap…

To say the last three months have flown by would be an understatement.  I cannot believe that my last blog post was April 28!  I have never ever gone so long between posts – ever – and I hope I don’t ever go that long again. We’ve been very busy Griffins over here.  We enjoyed […]

Happy 3rd Birthday, Poppyseed – From Dad

My Big 3 year old, Each year passes by faster than the last.  Each year I think that it’s going to be my favorite age for you, but they just keep getting better.  I know that daddies are supposed to treat their little girls in a special way, but I can’t see how the other […]

Well, off the top of my head…

I hate that I have been averaging a blog a month at the most.  I miss it so badly because I absolutely love to write.  (Is anyone even out there?)  Writing is just something that makes me feel good.  I’m not a novelist or a creative person, but for some reason it just makes me […]


Oh, 2015.  Here you are.  I can’t believe it. One thing that I just love are New Year’s Resolutions.  I have actually made and kept many resolutions, though not in recent years.  One year I decided I was not going to purchase a single magazine for the entire year, mainly because at the time I […]

Slow Down and Simplify

Ever since we moved, life has been incredibly simple. All of my commitments and activities and play dates have come to an (almost) screeching halt.  In so many ways, it makes me antsy.  But if I were being honest, it’s also kind of nice.  I couldn’t really call my life relaxing, because being a mom […]

Lola & Oatmeal move to Katy!

Well, it’s been a while since I posted because… We moved!  We are Katy people now – woohoo! Oatmeal began moving the weekend before Thanksgiving.  Things we didn’t need such as the dining room table and guest room furniture were moved the weekend before our true moving date.  We enjoyed a fun and leisurely Thanksgiving […]

Almost on the move…

I told myself that if I managed to get both tots down at the same time, I would ignore all other chores and write a quick post.  This is going to be such a random entry, but I have been so exhausted and need to catch up! The next few weeks are going to be […]

The Three Month Sleep Update.

Today it’s been just me and the nugget.  Oatmeal took Poppyseed to his brother’s house in Cypress for the day, and they should be back soon.  I had a long list of things that I wanted to do before they got home, but as anyone with a young baby can probably understand, I’ll be doing […]