I’m not ready.

This weekend went by way, way too fast.  On Friday Oatmeal vowed to take a vacation day, which turned into him working “just a few hours in the morning” which turned into “working until lunch” which turned into “I’ll be home at 4:30pm.”  I couldn’t help but be a little bit irked (I know, I […]

Living for the Weekends

I don’t normally feel as if I live for the weekends, because I have a pretty sweet little gig over here with Poppyseed and Oatmeal.  But this week, whew, for some reason it was just a little bitty bit of a doozy. The husband travels for work quite a bit.  It works out to be […]

Will oil for sleep.

Today I’m trying a little experiment.  Last week my Young Living starter kit arrived in the mail.  I had been sort of debating whether I wanted to spend $150 for this kit for some time.  I finally decided to take the plunge after about 6 months of putting it off.  I was SO excited when […]

Valentine’s Day Eve

It’s 9:45pm.  I can tell I had a little bit of coffee around 4pm. Oatmeal is relaxing next to me on the couch.  As usual he is flipping channels between about 3 different movies.  Any minute now he’ll start snoring, especially since he just kicked back a glass of wine.  It’s probably his first drink […]

A Day of Thanks

It’s Thanksgiving Day.  We are at home.  Oatmeal is at the park with the dogs, and I am here in our bedroom relaxing with a few vanilla candles lit.  Poppyseed is snoozing in her room. It’s a wonderfully relaxing Thanksgiving so far. It’s just the three of us.  I don’t think we’ve ever had a […]

The Seven Experiment – Clothes

Hello dear readers.  I wanted to blog about a book I picked up a few weeks ago – The 7 Experiment.  Unfortunately I don’t know of any Bible studies (we are out of town practically every weekend so we rarely attend church) so I asked Oatmeal to read and complete this with me. “Do you […]

I’m going to start off this post by stating the obvious… This.  Weather.  Is.  Awesome. The past couple of days have been a lot of fun.  We went to Sealy to stay with Oatmeal’s parents over the weekend.  The cold front was coming in, we didn’t have a bunch of projects at home to take […]


Catching Up

I thought I’d do a short catch up blog tonight. I think that the past month or so has been one of the most positive months I’ve had in quite some time.  Nothing has really happened, nothing has really changed, but I think that something just finally clicked.  We moved into our house one year […]

Our Quick Japan Recap

So many things to say, but so little energy to do so!  That is how I feel right now. Our trip to Japan was awesome.  Just phenomenal.  I put over 100 pictures up on my Facebook profile, but I still want to repost a few of them here since our blog is a sort of […]

Not much for sugar coating.

Oh wow, I’m so glad for today.  It’s been so relaxed.  I took P to Crossfit with me and then went for a coffee.  She had swimming lessons and then we came home for a nap.  I’ve already thrown a whole chicken in the crockpot, so my “work” for the day is pretty much done.  […]