Lola’s first week of pre-maternity leave.

Welp, it’s Friday night and guess what I’m doing? If you guessed that I was sitting in the recliner, watching TV, and eating my thawed out 15 month old wedding cake while my husband accused me of poisoning myself and our unborn child, then…… You guessed correctly! Yep, today while cleaning out the freezer, I […]

“I’m not mad at you, I’m just taking it out on you.”

So here’s a little honesty for your Monday evening. I like to think of myself as a relatively pleasant wife.  I try very hard to not nag my husband.  I respect his boundaries.  I don’t gripe when he goes on really long horseback rides without me, and I don’t ask him to do chores repeatedly […]

Lola and Oatmeal Babysit

My friend Johanna recently celebrated a birthday.  I thought and thought about what I could do for Johanna to celebrate, and could not think of anything other than giving her an afternoon of free babysitting.  I told her last week that I would make this one-time birthday offer, but that she had to hurry up […]

Lola and Oatmeal Soak Up a Weekend at Home, and Lola tries to spoil the horses.

Last week was a blast (we went to Steamboat!) but man oh man, were we happy to spend this past weekend at home!  We had zero plans and no obligations. It was just plain delightful. We kicked the weekend off by going to dinner on Friday night.  That morning while working I got a text […]

The Trishas

If you didn’t already read my previous blog about the Trishas’ music video, then check it out.  (For the short version, my SIL is in a band called the Trishas… they are really awesome… and they have a new music video on top of a new behind the scenes video (above).  Enjoy! Oatmeal’s sister (Jamie) […]

Lola and Oatmeal are in Steamboat!

Oatmeal really isn’t one to want to travel the world, but there is ONE trip a year that I know I can get him excited about without much arm twisting…. Steamboat Music Fest!  This is the third year we have come to Colorado for the music festival.  Oatmeal’s sister, Jamie, is in a band called […]

The Trishas first offical music video!

The Trishas first offical music video! I’m so excited for my SIL, Jamie Wilson.  Jamie is Oatmeal’s little sister, the youngest of the Griffin clan.  She (like the rest of her siblings) went to A&M, and while in college she bought a guitar and starting teaching herself to play it.  She wrote some songs and […]

This time last year….

I was about to get married. It was December 10, 2010. I took the day off. I finished decorating the Cat Spring Ag Hall. I picked up my wedding gown. My family, friends, and soon-to-be husband met at the church, and we “rehearsed.”  I wore a white satin dress, which I already regret, but it […]

Lola tricks Oatmeal into going to a marriage seminar, then makes “man salmon.”

Lola: “Honey, don’t forget we are going on a double date tonight.  Want to meet at Lopez at 5:30?” Oatmeal: “Sure.” I snickered to myself.  Little did Oatmeal know that this double date was actually dinner at a Mexican restaurant, followed by… a marriage seminar! Just what Oatmeal LOVES to do on Friday nights!  (Or […]