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Okay so I know this is not something I should complain about, but I am getting fed entirely too well up in NY.  Food is completely free as long as I am dining in the hotel restaurant.  I get three courses every meal.  Dinner is usually something like tuna tartare, a salad, filet mignon and […]

Just landed in Newark…

I just landed in the Newark Airport… I was met by a nice driver and am now sitting quietly in the back of an exceptionally clean towncar and trying to enjoy the ride from the airport to the hotel. I will be up here for 10 days, and all I can hope for is that […]

Don’t mind me, I’m just crying at my mailbox.

So I went to the mailbox to see if I had my corporate AMEX in there waiting on me and I opened it up to see a big white package shoved in.  I pulled it out and saw that it was my sister’s handwriting on the label.  I wasn’t expecting anything, so I curiously opened […]

Job Journey Continues…

So for the past few weeks I’ve been studying drugs, taking tests, studying drugs, taking tests, over and over and over and over again.  Last night in the middle of an especially hard study session I finally had a breakdown.  I cried, I threw my hands up, I took it out on poor Oatmeal.  Somehow […]

I don’t get hit on anymore!

Okay, so part of this “marriage” thing is that I don’t get hit on anymore! So I really enjoy when my friends do. Below, a text sent to me by a friend of mine, sharing an exchange she was having with who she thought was a platonic friend. Boy: I’m in Dallas. Wish I was […]


So my sister’s 4 year old son, Walker, was in the bathroom the other day and he accidentally peed out of the toilet bowl and it somehow got on his pants.  Sissy wasn’t actually in the bathroom when it happened but all of a sudden she hears him yell, “AH SHIT!”   So she goes to […]

The Trishas – Spoonful

The Trishas – Spoonful


I switched over from blogger.  Blogger was too tricky for me.  So far, tumblr is pretty impressive. More to come.

Dress for Success…. with a thong.

Attention professional females, I have an insightful message to deliver.  So for the new job, I had to watch a mandatory “Dress for Success” video.  In this video, a middle aged, dark haired woman with a tight bun, maroon lipstick, and black suit stood talking to the camera about how to dress professionally.  She covered […]

Lola got a new gig! (and it pays!)

In the past four months, both Oatmeal and myself have begun new jobs.  Oatmeal worked for the natural gas construction company ever since rejoining the “real world” in 2007.  (Maybe one day I will go into what I mean by that, but for now you must simply wonder to yourself with no one to answer.)  […]