Archives for April 2011

A new kind of stalking.

Anyone who knows me really well knows that I am sort of a stalker.  I google people I don’t know well, perform random facebook searches and have been known to check the email of a few ex boyfriends.  But this week I took the stalking to a whole new level.  I was driving to good […]

Back in Texas… but off to Dallas!

I got back into Texas on Thursday night but returned to an empty house.  Despite my not having seen my husband in almost 2 weeks, he still had plans to go roping that night with his dad.  At first I was a little miffed that he wouldn’t cancel his plans to see me for the […]

24 more hours in NY! then HOME!

I am on day #11 in NY.  The training here has been extremely beneficial.  I feel as if I have gone from knowing nothing to having a darn good foundation and understanding of this job and industry.  I feel like from this point, I can go home, get a little hands-on experience, and figure out […]