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Let’s be serious.  This country living isn’t always better than city living.  It has its


I keep thinking about it…. This weekend a little girl named Ella, 5, came over to the house with her mommy. We had 9 adults and this one little girl. She was sweet as pie. Had great manners, ate grownup food, used glass plates and cups and basically talked to the grownups as if no […]

Baby making….

To try, or not to try? I’ve been saying we would start trying in August. The trouble is that… August is only 45 days away! Damn that was quick.

3 months of new job….and marriage, done!

Well it’s been 3 months since I got my new job as a drug rep.  I am very happy to say that I’ve pretty much figured out the basics and I’m no longer studying at 1am, or driving around I-45 trying to find my doctors.  Hallelujah for that. Also, I’ve been married for almost 6 […]