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Scorpion attack (part II), my grocery list and homemade salad dressings.

Living in the country has its perks.  I love the peace and quiet, the room that our pets have to run around and play, and the beauty that you just can’t find in town.  I love our little house, that we are so fortunate to rent for half of what we’d pay if we lived […]

Playin’ around.

I’m about to start trying out some new layouts.  Bear with me. Or is it “bare” with me? Probably not.  Keep your clothes on.

Primal Success Story: Jessica

One thing that has always been tough for me is to actually stay motivated.  I mean, I can always GET motivated.  I can get all hyped up about a diet or lifestyle, throw all of my unhealthy crap food into the garbage, and plan a kick-butt workout every day after work.  On Day One, that […]

So….what do you eat for breakfast???

A lot of our friends ask us questions about what we eat at certain times of the day.  I am the first to admit that breakfast was a bit of a challenge when we first became primal.  Unfortunately, the traditional American breakfast looks something like this: poptarts, cereal, pancakes, waffles, toast, biscuits, cinnamon rolls, hash […]

Lola made pork tacos, and Tough Puppy was forced to wear work boots.

Remember this guy?  Hey Tough Puppy!  Notice that in the picture below, he is NOT wearing shoes.  He doesn’t typically enjoy footwear. So….  I’m sitting comfortably in my recliner, icing my knee, watching The Bachelorette and uploading pictures on my computer, and I hear….. “Tough, put on my boots.” Really?  Really Oatmeal?  “Come on Tough […]

Lola tricks Oatmeal into going to a marriage seminar, then makes “man salmon.”

Lola: “Honey, don’t forget we are going on a double date tonight.  Want to meet at Lopez at 5:30?” Oatmeal: “Sure.” I snickered to myself.  Little did Oatmeal know that this double date was actually dinner at a Mexican restaurant, followed by… a marriage seminar! Just what Oatmeal LOVES to do on Friday nights!  (Or […]

Marital advice, and salmon.

So I began this blog so that I could talk about how much fun it is to be married.  Then it sort of took a turn and I ended up talking about food.  Today I’ll do both. Marriage first.  Marriage is slightly more fun than food. Slightly. Anyway, we’ve been married for 7 months.  Every […]

Long day, quick dinner.

Tonight we went roping (I just watched… obviously) and when we got home it was already 9pm.  Needless to say I did not feel like cooking anything elaborate, and so I did a repeat of the coconut shrimp that I did earlier this week.  Only this time I used the coconut milk, a head of […]

I guess we all fall off of the wagon sometimes.

Today I woke up feeling a lot better than I have been.  Last week was rough on my knee, and I felt like I wasn’t taking very good care of it.  I did my best to take it easy on Sunday, and low and behold it felt much better Monday but even better today.  So, […]

So what DO you eat?

Anytime Oatmeal and I face a lull in the conversation, we know that we can bring up our diet and it will lead to at least a 10 minute interrogation about our Paleo/Primal lifestyle.  Our friends and family asked a few questions in the beginning, but now that we’ve been eating Primal/Paleo for 4+ months, […]