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9 days ’til Oatmeal “Goes Ruck”

On September 9, Oatmeal is going to be participating in the Go Ruck Challenge in NYC. For those of you who don’t like to click links, I’ll allow the laziness and just tell you what a Go Ruck is. Well, to start off, the challenge is a pretty big deal. 15-20 miles.  Roughly 8-10 hours.  […]

Primal Resources

Short but sweet…. I found a list of primal websites that I really liked today. Until now I have only followed a few, such as Everyday Paleo and Wellness Mama, but I really like the sound of some of these others so will be checking in frequently….

Gluten Free NYC Bakery! Discovered by Lola.

In lieu of going to NYC in less than 3 weeks, Lola has been doing some scavenging around on the internet to try and find some yummy restaurants where we can stay “semi-primal.”  By then Lola’s Primal Challenge will have ended, and we will be back to eating a little more loosely Primal.  While I […]

Why Lola may start closing my doors when she’s home alone.

I’m pretty exhausted and have been fighting with my computer all evening, and finally my attempt to get the internet working prevailed. I’m a pretty typical girl in the sense that I am afraid of some things that are unreasonable, and not afraid of things that I possibly should be.  For instance, feeding 1200 pound […]

Please…. DON’T take my word for it.

It’s Day 12 of Lola’s Primal Challenge. I’ve kicked the cheats and I’m happy about it. I’ve even created a Facebook group to help myself stay motivated. It went from 4 people to 47 people, many of which are just picking this Primal thing up for the very first time, with others being old timers. […]

[Flash 10 is required to watch video.] Oatmeal does upside down wall pushups…. Oatmeal and I w

[Flash 10 is required to watch video.]renderVideo(“video_player_9063977816”,’’,500,889,’orientation=portraitx26amp;portrait=truex26amp;w={500}x26amp;,,,,’) Oatmeal does upside down wall pushups…. Oatmeal and I went to the JW Marriott in the Texas Hill Country last weekend.  It was absolutely amazing and we had one of the best Saturdays we have had in a very long time.  We woke up and went on a […]

Lola made lettuce wraps for dinner tonight and they were good. She’ll tweak and post the recip

Egg Cupcakes

One of the best things that ever happened to us before we went Primal was to get married and therefore register for wedding gifts.  I was really particular about what we registered for and now it is really paying off in the kitchen!  It’s a lot of fun to cook and use your kitchen when […]

Lola and Oatmeal present her dad with yard art, and return to Texas to start Lola’s Primal Challenge!

Everyone knows someone who really doesn’t need anything.  Usually those people are the hardest to buy for, because they have all that they need and they just don’t have a lot of things that they want.  My parents are this way, with my dad being the worst.  I cannot think of a single time that […]

Lola’s Primal Challenge: Drinking?

But are we allowed to drink alcohol?  I say yes, but only if it’s gluten-free alcohol.  Remember, at no point during the challenge do we want to have ANY gluten.  This 4 week primal “detox” is going to get our bodies adjusted to living without gluten as well as empty carbs which lead to insulin […]