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this time 3 years ago…

October 25th holds a special place in my heart.  On this day in ‘08, I went to a party.  I met some friends and had a few drinks.  I was in the Heights in Houston, and it was just a simple house party, where I laughed with a friend of mine that being at a […]

Our first purchase for Poppyseed!

I’m a majority rules kinda gal… MOST of the time. (Except for when I don’t agree with the majority, of course.) So when I posted a question on Facebook asking all of my mommy friends which stroller to buy, I ended up wanting the BOB.  Lots of the responses were from friends and acquaintances who […]

Perhaps a blog comeback.

It’s been a month, I haven’t blogged. It’s really because there are so many things that I could blog about that I never knew where to start, and then I’d simply fall asleep. First, we found out I am pregnant. Then, I was wiggin’ out because I was afraid I’d miscarry for some reason.  Then, […]