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Those stupid iPhones… Dang you, Autocorrect.

This one will be short and sweet.  But, for the record, I’m a very private person when it comes to SOME things.  I don’t like a lot of potty humor.  It’s not something I find funny.  I don’t make jokes about beans being a magical fruit, my husband and I take careful measures to use […]

What a lovely November weekend…

This weekend was pretty fabulous.  I am going to recap it, just so that I remember it. On Friday, I went on a walk after work.  While on the walk, a horse ran out of the woods toward me.  It was a beautiful horse, and I stopped to pet it, and while doing so I […]

18 weeks…. and what Lola’s learned so far.

This is me, tonight, which is 18 weeks and 2 days.  If, that is, our first sonogram was correct.  Who really knows? And here is what I’ve learned… I’m adding it to the blog so that I don’t forget. I felt my first “pregnancy symptom” at about 4 weeks when I made cookies and then […]