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Suddenly Stay at Home Mom

Yesterday was my first day to be a stay at home mom. Or is it Stay At Home Mom? Or is it more cool to just abbreviate and say SAHM? I don’t really know.  I honestly don’t really know how I feel about the whole thing.  Most women choose this role, either long before giving […]

Oatmeal turns 33

Yesterday Oatmeal turned 33. He isn’t much of a birthday celebrator.  I’d imagine that most people born the day after Christmas aren’t. We woke up in Louisiana, where we’d gone to visit my folks for the holidays.  We were in the diesel truck and had pulled the horse trailer with us so that we could […]

Lola Got the Axe

Well, if you read my last post, you know that my company had announced layoffs for December 18-20.  And guess what?  I got laid off. Even though this was not the most fun thing I’ve ever gone through, I wanted to blog about it anyway.  I guess I’ll do a little Q&A here, because a […]

Catching Up…

The past few weeks/months have really flown by.  I can’t believe we are already just a week away from Christmas.  This is going to be my first Christmas as a mom.  I wish that I were more prepared, but I am just not.  I had all of these expectations for myself.  I would get my […]

This time 2 years ago…

Wow. Two years of marriage have gone by FAST. Gosh. That really was a fun night. A blur, but so fun. I may be a lame sap, but the truth is really that I love to think and talk about all things Oatmeal. I love remembering all of the little things about how I ended […]

Not Having a TV

This would have blown my mind before this year, but I am now one of “those people.” One of those people who does not have a TV. Behold.  This is my living room.  I’m in the middle of putting my Christmas houses out on display, and I’m about to run to Hobby Lobby to buy […]

Um…. red??

I never thought I’d have a red-headed baby.  But hey, it looks like it’s going that direction.  And I love it.   I mean, it’s not a sure thing just yet.  Sometimes it looks blondish.  But sometimes… there is…. RED. My MIL snapped these today.  I love ’em, so I wanted to share/brag.

Poppyseed is 7 Months Old

Our Poppyseed turned 7 months old last week.  I know this is a really obvious thing to say, and I probably say it each month, but she really is growing up too fast!  I feel like I am going to blink and she’ll be in kindergarten, blink twice and she’ll be in high school.  Lord […]

Rashy baby updates.

A couple of updates….I don’t want to leave y’all hanging. Late last night I got an email from the doctor that basically said, “I have attached a food introduction handout. I do think it is the avocado. Just stick with the items listed and you can try avocado again around 1 yr. YES, breastmilk only […]

Solid food, I’m no fan.

Poppyseed turned 6 months old in October, and to be honest, I was sort of dreading this little milestone.  I knew that at 6 months I’d have to start giving her solid food. I guess I was dreading it for two reasons…. first of all, we have been in such a great nursing routine.  I […]