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Reality Check

This video was a much needed reminder, and I really really hope that someone besides me will watch it. Dr. Terry Wahls was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis years ago. After undergoing many years of the best new treatment for MS, she was still pretty much a sinking ship.  Unable to walk without two canes.  Unable […]

The Start of the Third Trimester!

Monday, January 23, was the beginning of the 28th week. Meaning, I’m 7 months prego.  It’s the beginning of the end!  The third trimester!  I have looked forward to the third trimester for months, yet I am in disbelief that it is actually here.  I have (roughly) only 12 more weeks of pregnancy left, which […]

Nursery Musings…. Poppyseed’s New Dresser

Last night, as Lola and Oatmeal laid in bed reading and surfing around on the computer, Lola came across the perfect dresser for Poppyseed’s room. It was on Etsy, and it was perfect.  We’ve decided on a grey crib, and we just bought a white Expedit shelf from IKEA yesterday.  So this grey vintage dresser […]

Poppyseed got Mail!

Thursday wasn’t a BAD day.  It just wasn’t the best day.  I drove the 70 miles home from work on Thursday feeling pretty darn tired.  I’d driven to College Station that morning at 6am to be there for a 7:30am breakfast meeting.  I’d planned on working until 5pm and then going to Cross Fit, but […]

Steamed Mussels… Why have I never made you until now?

When Lola and Oatmeal were in Steamboat, we went to an Italian restaurant and ordered steamed mussels.  They were so good.  And honestly, no matter where we are, they are always good.  Mussels are just awesome. So, why don’t I make them at home?  Sometimes, on the weekends, rather than go out to eat I […]

Lola and her Homemade Bath Oils

I’m going to share something with you that may change your life. First of all, do you like taking baths?  If you like to take a bath, then this WILL change your life.  If you are a shower kind of person, there is still a 50/50 chance.  For the record, I take a bath almost […]

Lola and Oatmeal Soak Up a Weekend at Home, and Lola tries to spoil the horses.

Last week was a blast (we went to Steamboat!) but man oh man, were we happy to spend this past weekend at home!  We had zero plans and no obligations. It was just plain delightful. We kicked the weekend off by going to dinner on Friday night.  That morning while working I got a text […]

The Trishas

If you didn’t already read my previous blog about the Trishas’ music video, then check it out.  (For the short version, my SIL is in a band called the Trishas… they are really awesome… and they have a new music video on top of a new behind the scenes video (above).  Enjoy! Oatmeal’s sister (Jamie) […]

Lola and Oatmeal return to Paleo eating.

Well, it’s been a long time coming, but we decided to jump back on the bandwagon.  Meaning… Lola decided to jump onto the bandwagon again.  Oatmeal never actually fell off. “Fell off” is actually putting it lightly.  Lola didn’t just fall off… she was yanked/jerked/pummeled/ripped off of the Paleo truck during her first trimester.  It […]

26 weeks and counting…

Today I’m 26 weeks pregnant.  Here are the updates… and tomorrow I’ll have Oatmeal take a picture.  Discomforts?  Sometime in the past couple of weeks I started to get headaches.  They are persistent and I can’t seem to kick them with either water or caffeine.  I read on one of my baby apps that it’s […]