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33 weeks and counting…

Today I had a 34 week appointment, but I am really only 33 weeks, 2 days prego.  It went, eh…. It went.  All the appointments (for the most part) have basically been the same.  I’m weighed, my blood pressure is checked, I go into the exam room, my doctor comes in, we chat, he measures […]

Lola and Oatmeal Babysit

My friend Johanna recently celebrated a birthday.  I thought and thought about what I could do for Johanna to celebrate, and could not think of anything other than giving her an afternoon of free babysitting.  I told her last week that I would make this one-time birthday offer, but that she had to hurry up […]

Flashback from 1956…

The above picture is of my mom.  If you click the photo, you’ll be redirected to a video that my Aunt Fran dug up this week. It’s actually a clip of my mother’s 3rd birthday!  Yes, 3rd! I don’t know if it’s hormones or what, but every time I watch it, it makes me cry!  […]

Oh just a day at work.

On Wednesday my manager rode in the field with me.  As a sales rep, it’s always a little awkward to have a manager with you.  It feels as if customers respond differently, on top of me being nervous (moreso than usual in most cases).  Also I should add that my manager is a very tall/large […]

Flu season may be late, but it’s here…

As someone who darkens the door of 40-60 doctors’ offices per week, I’m here to tell you, the flu has arrived in Texas.  Ever since mid-week last week, I keep hearing the same things over and over again when visiting my customers… “It’s only Monday and we’ve already had 3 positives for flu!” “Too bad […]

32 Weeks.

I realize that very few people care about my bi-monthly pregnancy updates, but I am a lot better at this blog than I am at filling out the baby book!  Updates: My 32 week appointment went well.  Now instead of going once a month, I’ll go every 2 weeks for a little while until the […]


I’m just going to warn anyone reading this post, but this blog is going to be one big TMI.  So, I warned you. It’s 4:45pm, and I am not at work. I am in the bathtub.  Yes, I am tailor-sitting (if you are pregnant you probably know what tailor sitting is and why I’m doing […]


Last weekend was awesome.  Why?  No reason at all, really.  Nothing crazy happened.  It was just a weekend.  But we were at home, and we had a good time.  When we first got married, we ALWAYS had weekend plans.  We were driving around seeing friends, and driving around seeing family, and driving around running errands.  […]

31 weeks….

Not much has changed, really.  🙂 Have to use the restroom all…. the…. time. Just assembled the crib!  (Well, I watched the assembling of the crib.) Poppyseed measured at 4lbs 1oz at our 3D ultrasound a few days ago.  (They get that estimate by looking at the measurements of the cranium, abdomen, and femur and […]

Oh, to be this talented.

My friend, Amy, is a gifted photographer.  This engagement slideshow blew me away.  So now it can blow you away, too. Click on the image above for the slideshow.