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Lola’s first week of pre-maternity leave.

Welp, it’s Friday night and guess what I’m doing? If you guessed that I was sitting in the recliner, watching TV, and eating my thawed out 15 month old wedding cake while my husband accused me of poisoning myself and our unborn child, then…… You guessed correctly! Yep, today while cleaning out the freezer, I […]

37 weeks!

Howdy howdy! Yesterday morning, at 37 weeks plus a couple of days, I had my 37 week appointment.  It went really smoothly. Here’s a pic I snapped this morning while at the gym.  In my next lifetime I’ll take cuter pregnancy pictures. Stats: Blood pressure is still good.  Total weight gain is between 27-28lbs.  Heartbeat […]

You’ll never catch Oatmeal at Fashion Week (or me).

This will be short and quick, but I had to. On Saturday I was cooking lunch and talking to Oatmeal in the kitchen when I just sort of got the feeling he wasn’t listening to a word I was saying. (Ladies, you know you’ve been there.) I looked up and he was on his hands […]

Pre-Maternity Leave Begins!

Today is Monday, and it’s 7:47am, and I’m still in my bathrobe, slippers, messy bun on top of head, in the recliner.  It’s Monday and I’m not working!  Wooohooo! I work for an international sales company, and I am really happy with their maternity leave policy.  I actually get 3 weeks of pre-maternity leave.  Of […]

Baby Poppyseed gets showered! (Again!)

Two weekends ago (I was 34 weeks prego), my two very wonderful friends Johanna and Anna threw a baby shower for us.  It was so much fun!  They put so much thought and time into it.  Johanna opened up her home to everyone, and Anna drove in from Louisiana. First of all, I have to […]

36 weeks!

Some updates…. Today was my 36 week appointment.  I asked Oatmeal to accompany me to this one.  I have asked my doctor very few questions about our options up until this point, because it would be sort of a waste to ask a bazillion questions so early before we even really knew what was going […]

Why I hope I have a healthy baby…. BOY.

So if you didn’t see my previous post, you’ll have to check it out.  But now it’s time for me to express my reasons for crossing my fingers that we have a boy. And again… this is repeating the last post, but I really don’t think Poppyseed is a boy.  I have to admit, if […]

Why I hope I have a healthy baby…. GIRL.

So, not to worry, folks, the next post will be titled, “Why I hope I have a healthy baby… BOY.” Truly, I don’t care.  But ladies first.  All of this gender secrecy has been a lot of fun.  But, finally, we are within reach of the best surprise ever!  People ask me ALL the time […]

1 Year of Being Primal

March 1st marked the 1 year anniversary of Lola and Oatmeal’s “primal” lifestyle change.  So I wanted to do a little recap. Overall, from what I remember, the first month or so was fun but very challenging and at times frustrating.  I did not like cleaning out my pantry and wasting “food” and I also […]

“I’m not mad at you, I’m just taking it out on you.”

So here’s a little honesty for your Monday evening. I like to think of myself as a relatively pleasant wife.  I try very hard to not nag my husband.  I respect his boundaries.  I don’t gripe when he goes on really long horseback rides without me, and I don’t ask him to do chores repeatedly […]