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Life is Good – Poppyseed’s Birth Story (Written by Oatmeal)

I was little suspect when Lola signed us up for a 12 week course on having a baby.  Women have been having babies since the beginning of man.  I’ve seen lots of horses, calves, and puppies being born and they don’t have to take any classes.  They just kind of wander off, find a secluded […]

Lola’s Postpartum Hormone Crash.

These are the facts and I present them in no particular order. I have been a mother for less than 72 hours.  I just had a very uncomplicated, relatively quick (11 hour) labor and an unmedicated birth.  The result was a beautiful, perfectly healthy, tiny baby girl.  She is currently sleeping on my husband’s chest […]

Welcome to the world, Violet Jane!

Yesterday we welcomed our little Poppyseed into the world! Poppyseed turned out to be a girl!  Lola was right.  🙂  We named her Violet Jane.  But, on the blog we will probably just keep calling her Poppyseed. Why Violet and why Jane? I chose this name for our wee one because they are both family […]

Dear Poppyseed…. Part II

Well Baby, Here we are.  We are all set and ready for you.  I’ve never prayed so much in my entire life.  Your dad is the only reason I am not losing my mind.  He may be quiet, but his presence is very calming.  Times of stress bring out the worst in me, but the […]

Welp, we’re outta here.

I wish I had something exciting to type today, but the life of an overdue prego is really quite boring.  I walk, I eat, I walk, I bounce around on my birth ball, I walk, I squat, I walk, I take a bath, I walk, I tweeze my eyebrows, I walk, I eat an apple […]

Things you just don’t say to a pregnant woman.

4 days overdue today, friends. 4 days.  (Actually, if counting by my last period and not by the ultrasound due date, I’m 41 weeks, 4 days pregnant… but who’s counting?) I woke up this morning and realized I was still pregnant.  Thirty minutes later I pulled my teary eyed, snot-ridden face off of my pillow, […]

Dear Baby Poppyseed…

Hi, little baby. I am your mom, and I am really anxious to meet you. You’re running a little late (3 days and counting…) according to most everyone’s predictions, but your cousins were late, too, so I am not too surprised. I don’t mind the wait too much, because I actually feel okay. Don’t get […]

Lola seeks breastfeeding tips.

Oh hello.  Thanks for stopping by the blog today, and sorry I don’t have a picture of an adorable newborn to show you just yet. I’m working on it. Trust me. So is Oatmeal. Anyhoo, those of you know know me well know that I’ve done a whole lot of reading and preparing for Baby […]

My (Sort of) Primal Pregnancy

Well, since I’m 40 weeks, 1 day pregnant and I’m still here, I thought I’d do a blog about eating primal while being knocked up. First, a disclaimer. I’m well aware that it can sound, er, “preachy,” to talk about eating healthy.  Most people will put their guard up if they think someone is judging […]

Primal Success Story: Johanna

So, lots of people think that Oatmeal and I are crazy for eating the way that we do. Even though I’m known to have dessert or a cheat meal once in a while, we still catch a lot of comments from people who think that eating clean and avoiding processed food and grains is “extreme” […]