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No Signs of Labor

I went to the doctor yesterday, and the conversation went about like this: Dr: “Hey Lola!  So just a few days past 39 weeks… How are you feeling?” Me: “Hi there.  I’m still feeling pregnant.  No news.” Dr: (As he measures my belly) “So are you feeling any contractions?  Feeling like the baby is dropping […]

Why We Are Trying Out Cloth Diapers

So the few of you who have seen my nursery know that I have a large stash of cloth diaper supplies. “GASP!  You are doing cloth!?!”  (Spoken by the girls who do not have kids yet, and are thus completely grossed out by the entire concept.) “Snicker snicker… you’re thinking you’re going to do cloth, […]

The new blog!

Welcome to our new blog!  Lola will no longer be posting on the old tumblr blog. Lola wanted to wait until the new blog was PERFECT before actually letting anyone see it.  But, since Poppyseed could arrive at any moment, and there is a bit of a learning curve in getting used to WordPress, it […]

39 Weeks

Today marks the “supposed” last full week of my pregnancy. Supposedly. My plan this week is just to take it easy but to also continue to get in some good exercise, mainly long walks and squatting to keep my legs strong.  I may go into town and see a movie.  The house is clean, the […]

Poppyseed’s Gender Neutral Nursery!

Poppyseed’s nursery has been complete for some time now, but I have been slow at taking pictures of it and posting them. I had a pretty small room to work with.  It’s only 120 square feet, with 3 doors (2 closet doors and 1 entry door) and 1 small window.  I wasn’t crazy about the […]

38.5 Week Ramblings

A few notes to begin the blog. 1. My appointment was fine. Weight gain – 1lb since last week, somewhere at 29-30lbs gained.  I keep reading that women should gain 25lbs during pregnancy.  Are you freaking kidding me?  I want a gold medal for only gaining 30 so far.  Poor Jessica Simpson, she has gained […]

The Pain of Being a Woman

The title of this blog probably makes it seem like I’m going to write about the pains encountered during pregnancy or childbirth, but no, I’m just writing to talk about the pain I am experiencing right now due to my eyebrow wax. But, I’m going to dive in a little deeper than just my eyebrows, […]