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After spending Monday-Wednesday at home, Lola and Poppyseed went out to the land of the living today. We went to Arnie’s in Houston to get some party supplies.  Oatmeal has a very large and mostly local family, so I decided to host a little open house at our home at the end of the month […]

Poppyseed the Tooter

Dear Lord, give me strength. We are 5 weeks and 2 days old.  Today started off a bit different than most.  Poppyseed was very squirmy this morning, refusing to nap on my chest after I gave her breakfast.  But, she was somewhat pleasant all morning, as shown below.  That picture was taken around 9:30am, when […]

Poppyseed is 5 Weeks Old

Holy cow.  Today has taken a toll.  It started out well.  I got a good bit of sleep last night.  (8 hours if you add up all the broken increments!)  I enjoyed a slow morning with Poppyseed, and we went to a park in Sealy for a good little power walk.  I went to the […]

Lola Shares Her Expertise

Welp, seeing as how I’ve been a mom for an entire month and 2 days, I’m feeling like an expert. Ha!  Hahaha!  So if you missed the heavy sarcasm, I’ll spell it out for you.  The sentence above is a joke. But hey, you know what?  I really have learned a lot since April 23rd.  […]

Our baby is 1 month old.

Yesterday, Poppyseed turned 1 month old!  And boy, did I ask a lot of her.  We drove into Houston and went on so many errands.  Babies R Us to exchange some things, Target for some random things, Macy’s for some makeup for me, HEB for some odd and ends, and lunch at Ruggles. Basically she […]

Mammary Cleavage and a Muffin Top – Lola’s Post-Baby Challenge

The following is a real conversation between me and my husband. Lola: “Honey, did you buy me a birthday present?  Or did you actually listen to me for once when I told you not to buy me a birthday present?” Oamteal: “Ummmmm… actually I was going to take you to pick out a brand new […]

Poppyseed is 3 Weeks Old

Today marks the 3rd week of Poppyseed’s life! This morning I was up feeding her at 2:20am, and I was thinking to myself… “Man… it’s really darn early, and I’m really stinking tired.  BUT, it could be worse… I could be 7cm dilated and kicking myself for skipping out on an epidural!!” Ha!  Oh, but […]

Mother’s Day 2012 – For Mary Jane

Today is my first Mother’s Day.  I’ve only been a mother for 20 days, but I’m already starting to understand what all the hype is about.  When my daughter was born, I felt the biggest wave of emotions, disbelief and love.  It was pretty spectacular, and every day since has been a dream come true. […]

Lola and Poppyseed Go it Alone

This week has been my first week with no help.  The first week I had Oatmeal at home with us all week, and last week my MIL came by each morning so I could shower, eat breakfast, pump, etc.  This week I decided to just go ahead and go it alone with just me and […]


This is everything that matters. My perfect family.  There is nothing I don’t have.