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The Newbies

In less than 24 hours, we will be first time homeowners! Okay, so I suppose that’s not entirely true.  Lola will be a first timer, whereas Oatmeal will be a first time home-that-stays-in-one-place owner. Remember, he lived in this guy when we met.  Not even kidding. I mean…we had our fun, sure.  That airstream was […]

Almost Moving Day

Change is hard, even when I want the change. Our house is in shambles. Boxes are packed, furniture is all over, trash bags are shoved into corners. It’s a mess. Total chaos. We’re both working, so we’re packing a little here and there during the evenings. We close on Friday, and on Saturday we move! […]

Poppyseed is 4 Months Old

Yesterday, the 23rd, Poppyseed turned 4 months old.  A third of a year has gone by pretty darn fast. I used to wonder (and obsess… and agonize) about how I would POSSIBLY live my life with a baby.  It seemed like such a huge sacrifice, responsibility, and frankly, inconvenience.  I once even told my sister […]


Sometime last week or maybe the week before that, Poppyseed started to laugh.  I’m pretty sure Oatmeal was the first to discover it.  We were all snuggling in bed, making a Poppyseed sandwich as he calls it, and he started blowing and gobbling all over her belly.  Suddenly our bedroom was full of adorable little […]

Lola Gives Her Take on Cloth Diapers

Well, I said I’d give a cloth diaper update at 6 weeks, but I’ve quickly learned not to place deadlines on myself with a baby.  But here, finally, is my take on cloth diapers.  (And here is my original post on cloth diapers.) I really like them!  I feel like they not only save money, […]

Time to Stock the Freezer

Oatmeal and I are looking for someone to split a hog with us.  Any pork lovers out there? I’m not going to lie, when we went primal we started eating a LOT more meat.  And I started to really question how the meat was getting to our table.  I hear so much about antibiotics and […]

(Almost) Paleo Chicken Noodle Soup

I don’t think I’ve done a food blog in a long time, so here’s a quick one. I’ve never claimed to be extreme paleo or primal.  I keep trying to give up dairy, and keep falling flat on my face, so I guess I’ll be 80/20 primal forever.  In reality, I’m probably more like 90/10 […]

First Sick Day

Yesterday was my first Monday to be back at work full-time after having Poppyseed. And, today I took my first sick day.  Not because Poppyseed is sick. Because yours truly is. I like to think that I am a tank and never get sick.  I mean, we eat right, we exercise, we take vitamins.  And […]

We are moving!

Well one thing that Lola has learned in the past 3 months is that having a baby really CAN change everything. Ever since Oatmeal and I met, the question of where we would put down roots has been an unanswered question.  I was quite happy in the center of Houston, and he was content to […]

Our New Normal

The home of Lola and Oatmeal looks a lot differently now than it did, say, this time last year. This time last year, it was not normal to have a bouncer on our dining room table at all times.   Now, the table looks empty if it’s not there. Nor was it normal to have a […]