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Baby Poppyseed is Five Months Old

Dear Baby Poppyseed, This week you turned 5 months old.  Life is really busy for all three of us these days, but I wanted to make sure to write this letter to you so that you always have it to look back on when you are older. At 5 months old, you are changing constantly.  […]

Just typing.

Today something weird happened while I was at work. I was sitting in a waiting room, waiting on the opportunity to meet with one of my customers.  I heard the snap of an iPhone camera shutter.  I didn’t think much of it and kept tapping at my computer screen, preparing for the meeting.  But I […]

Lola the Working Mama – Update

I have been wanting to write about my transition back to work for some time now, but life has been busy!  I have a glass of wine and the jets are on in the bathtub, so I decided to sit down and just sort of ramble and unload.  This will be one of those entries […]

Up and Running Again!

Well, we are settled in our new house.  🙂 We closed on our new house on Friday, August 31.  On Friday afternoon, I’d packed all of 2 boxes.  (I may be sort of a procrastinator.) On Saturday morning, bright and early, Oatmeal’s family showed up to help us move.  His family doesn’t mess around, and […]