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Poppyseed is 7 Months Old

Our Poppyseed turned 7 months old last week.  I know this is a really obvious thing to say, and I probably say it each month, but she really is growing up too fast!  I feel like I am going to blink and she’ll be in kindergarten, blink twice and she’ll be in high school.  Lord […]

Rashy baby updates.

A couple of updates….I don’t want to leave y’all hanging. Late last night I got an email from the doctor that basically said, “I have attached a food introduction handout. I do think it is the avocado. Just stick with the items listed and you can try avocado again around 1 yr. YES, breastmilk only […]

Solid food, I’m no fan.

Poppyseed turned 6 months old in October, and to be honest, I was sort of dreading this little milestone.  I knew that at 6 months I’d have to start giving her solid food. I guess I was dreading it for two reasons…. first of all, we have been in such a great nursing routine.  I […]

It’s a busy life we lead.

Gosh, I really don’t even know what to blog about.  I just know that I miss blogging. Every day is the same, but every day is different.  What I mean is that sure, we follow the same general routine of waking up, going to work, coming home, cooking dinner, doing baby stuff, and going to […]

Welcome to the world, Baby Maggie!

I wanted to make sure and remember today, November 9.  Today Poppyseed’s newest cousin, Margaret “Maggie” Helen, was born. Oatmeal’s sister, Jamie, and her husband, Roy, first laid eyes on their second child this morning at 1:30am.  Like many other family members in Oatmeal’s family (including yours truly when Poppyseed was born), they did not […]

Liebster Award

I happened to check a blog that I enjoy reading the other day, and I saw that my blog had been nominated for the Leibster Award!   Chelsea is the author of the blog that nominated me, and I really like her blog.  We both had babies in the past year and so she tends to […]