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Ground meat – paleo the easy way

Today has been one of those days. If you’ve ever stayed at home with a kid (or kids) then you know the day I’m talking about.  It’s the kind of day where at 12pm you are still in your pajamas, you hair is in a messy ponytail with bobby pins in about five places, and […]

Poppyseed is 9 Months Old

Our lovely little one is 9 months old. Some milestones: Food – As much as I hated feeding her solid foods in the beginning, it is a lot of fun now.  She has had a wide variety of fruits and vegetables now, and a small amount of meat and fish.  Avocado, banana, zucchini, sweet potato, […]

Go Away Stomach Flu

It has been a rough 36 hours at our house. On Wednesday around 6pm, I started to feel rough.  We were cooking dinner (T-bone steaks and brussels sprouts) and the food smelled, well, AWFUL.  I was certain that either the steaks or the veggies were rotten.  When I took a bite – yuck.  Yep, surely […]

Time For Round 2?

Here I sit, alone with my wine. I’ve been pondering an idea for the past several weeks.  The idea, well, of Baby #2. It’s been on my mind a LOT lately.  And I think that I am struggling a little bit because, well, it’s always hard to actually make a major decision like this one […]

Love and Respect

Hi hi! I thought that today I would do a Wifey Lola post.  What ever should I blog about that pertains to being a wife?  This is the question I have been asking myself all day. I keep thinking about a book that I read about a year ago.  Every time I hear that another […]

Paleo Q&A

Oh hi.  Remember me?  It’s been a while.  I’ve had a bit of writer’s block.  You see, I knew I needed to blog about something paleo, especially since I have a fancy (and by fancy I mean not) new subtitle thing going on up there that includes “Paleo Lola.”  So I’ve been feeling all of […]

Poppyseed is 8 months old

I realized today that I never wrote an update about Poppyseed’s 8 month milestones, so here goes. My dad always used to say, “The older my kids get, the more fun they are” and I think about that statement constantly as she grows.  On one hand, I hate that we are leaving so many fun […]

Lola’s Bachelor Recap

It’s time. Time for Sean to be the Bachelor. I cannot WAIT. Try not to judge me for still watching this TV show, it’s a sickness that I cannot control. I’m actually really bummed out that he is the Bachelor, because I had big plans for him to go out with my friend Caylin. I […]

Lola’s New Blog Topics

Welp, I just got Oatmeal and Poppyseed off to bed. Meaning, I can go pop open a bottle of red wine. Oatmeal gave up red wine for 30 days. I…. did…. not. Speaking of, I got this really neato wine fridge for Christmas!  My dad and stepmom gave it to us.  It’s safe to say […]

Adjusting to Life as a Stay at Home Wife

Happy almost Friday, everyone.  I have been thinking about my blog all day, but I just couldn’t seem to get a half hour to myself so that I could sit down and do something about it. I did however start a Facebook page for my blog!  It is called… Lola and Oatmeal. So creative, I […]