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Poppyseed is 13 Months Old

I’m sitting in the recliner, loving that it’s only 8:30pm and somehow I’ve already worked out, folded laundry, cooked, fed my family, put the baby down, packed lunch for the hubby for tomorrow…. and I’m done.  Ah… bliss. Just sitting here with my feet up and my computer in my lap.  It’s a good feeling. […]

The great mommy debate.

Today has been a really great day.  I started off the morning by waking up at 6:48am and realizing that I hadn’t gotten up at 5am to the sounds of a giddy little WIDE AWAKE baby.  For some reason she’d actually slept late (late for us at least).  We scrambled some eggs together, I watched […]

Twenty-nine… the real one.

This weekend was a good one.  I turned 29.  No, really, I really did turn 29.  I was born in 1984, promise. My birthday fell on a Saturday for once.  I was thrilled.  When I turned 21 it happened to be a Wednesday, but back then Wednesdays were my favorite day of the week because […]

Sparkles and the weird thing in my kitchen.

I have been roasting things all week. Mainly vegetables.  And it has made me realize that I am SO over beets.  Don’t get me wrong, I love beets.  They are delicious eaten raw or cooked, and they are a superfood.  But messing with those red little guys suuuuccccckks.  They bleed all over my hands.  They […]

Mother’s Day Recap

The past four or five days have flown by, and they have been so busy! On Friday morning my MIL, Joanie, drove up to our house and we all three left for Louisiana.  My SIL and her band, The Trishas, were booked to play a gig in Alexandria.  Alexandria just happens to be where my […]

Kind of a bummer.

Today was “one of those days.”  I hate to complain and be a downer, but I just felt like I was in a funk all day, no matter what happened. I woke up at 3am feeling nauseous.  I spent the majority of the morning transferring from the bed to the master bathroom, only moving downstairs […]

Lola Finished a Whole30!

This will be short and quick, but I wanted to make sure I wrote something about my Whole30 challenge. Not sure what a Whole30 is?  Click on the Whole30 Program and read what is and isn’t eaten. Here is an introductory section taken directly from their website.  (By the way… this is not a membership […]

Some like it raw.

I can’t believe it’s the end of another week.  I don’t know how time manages to fly so quickly even though I have such a slow-paced, easygoing life.  I thought that when I got laid off, my days would really slow down as I eased into being a SAHM with Poppyseed.  And the truth is […]

Yoga and Mississippi

I feel like the past few weeks have been so incredibly perfect.  I think a lot of it is because I really like springtime, we have a few weddings and birthdays going on, and I have been having so much fun hanging out with Poppyseed. I decided to try something new and sign P and […]