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20 Weeks

Friday was a big day.  We had our 20 week ultrasound!  Oatmeal had come home the night before from a 4 day trip to Midland, so we all got to sleep in (meaning 6am) together and be at the appointment at 8am.  Rather than using the sonographer that our midwife hires to come into town […]

Will oil for sleep.

Today I’m trying a little experiment.  Last week my Young Living starter kit arrived in the mail.  I had been sort of debating whether I wanted to spend $150 for this kit for some time.  I finally decided to take the plunge after about 6 months of putting it off.  I was SO excited when […]

Lola Got Fixed

Happy Spring Break, everyone!  For those of you in a stage of life that actually get to enjoy it, at least.  😉 This week has been a totally normal week for my family.  Oatmeal is working his tail off, and Poppyseed and I are just doing the usual.  Running errands, going to playgrounds and parks, […]

18 Weeks!

18 weeks! Would you believe that BOTH of my husband’s parents are basically professional photographers?  And this is the best I get. Crooked?  Boobs blocking the chalkboard?  Blurry?  Check, check, and check. And here is a flashback to my 18 week picture with Poppyseed a mere 2ish years ago… Baby is the size of a: […]

Poppyseed is almost 2.

Tonight I was going to sit down and write all about Poppyseed.  I was going to talk about all of her new words and sentences, her milestones, and all of the things she is doing that are just plain cracking us up. I decided I didn’t want to do that.  Instead I’m going to throw […]

17 Weeks Prego

I am practically 18 weeks and just now posting the update from 17 weeks.  Which I actually did write last week.  It just took me this long to upload the picture. Anyhoo, here we go. Baby is the size of a: Turnip!  Baby is approximately 5 inches long from head to rump. How I’m feeling:  […]