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28-29 Week Pregnancy Update

I titled my last blog “Third Trimester Pregnancy Update” and somehow managed to write absolutely nothing about my pregnancy.  So here goes. Tonight I’m 29.5 weeks pregnant.  I was in Costa Rica when I entered the third trimester, and when I realized that I felt sort of like, “Woah, this is going by fast!  It’s […]

Dirty Thirty and a Third Trimester Pregnancy Update

Oh, maybe one day I’ll be able to blog regularly again. Today I’m about 29.5 weeks pregnant, but I’m just now getting to my 28 week update. Last week Oatmeal and I took off on our long awaited vacation to Costa Rica.  We planned this trip back in January, so it was something we’d been […]

Celebrating Poppyseed Style!

This weekend was one of the most fun and exhausting weekends of this year! Let’s start with Friday morning.  I met 5 other moms at our gym and carpooled down to Yonder Way Farm.  This is the farm that I have ordered from for years, and I have to say that I just love all […]

26 weeks and counting

26 weeks!  I’m closing in on the 3rd trimester.  I’m guessing I have 15 weeks of this left.  Let’s recap, shall we? Baby is the size of a: Scallion.  Really, Babycenter?  That’s all you could come up with? How I’m feeling:  All in all, this is still a good pregnancy!  I’m enjoying seeing my belly […]