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32 Weeks Prego with Middle

I don’t know what it is, but something about hitting the 32 week mark really made my mind go into high gear.  It was like suddenly I realized.. Oh, snap.  This is happening.  In 8 short weeks, we are having a baby.  Another baby!! This prompted the beginning of what I can only assume is […]

Dear Poppyseed, You’re Two.

Dear Poppyseed, We are already 6 weeks past your 2nd birthday, and I’m just now sitting down to write to you on this milestone. I’m going to blame you for that.  You keep me pretty busy, you know. Poppyseed, you are a little ball of energy.  Literally.  When people see you for the first time, […]

30 Weeks Pregnant with Middle

Now that I’m in the 30’s, this pregnancy has started to become very real to me.  Here’s my 30 week bump shot… And as a comparison, this was me at 30 weeks pregnant with Poppyseed. It’s safe to say that a switch has flipped in my head.  A few weeks ago I didn’t think too […]