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39 weeks… and a scare.

Well, by all three of my due dates (ha) I’m at LEAST 39 weeks along today.  If not further.  🙂 And after the day we had on Tuesday, I’m especially grateful. I woke up on Tuesday and felt wet.   I immediately panicked as I remembered all of the contractions I had felt in the middle […]

Prepping the ole birth canal…

Okay, admit it.  You just read the above post and thought, “Oh Lord Lola, please don’t post about perineal massages…” You’re in luck.  I am most certainly NOT going to write a blog post about perineal massages. You’re welcome. I am going to write a quick post about probiotics, which is a lot more fun […]

38 Week Pregnancy Update

It’s the beginning of the end, people.  Or at least that is how I feel. Oh, and I’m hot.  All the time.  Oatmeal claims he is freezing his tail off at night.  I pretty much told him to accept it and move on. So here are the standard pregnancy updates… Prenatal appointments – I’m going […]

I didn’t see it coming.

So I am going to spit this blog post out as quickly as I can, because I really want to put it out there that I did something weird, tried something new, and it WORKED. If you’ve been reading my pregnancy updates, you’ll know that the main difference between this pregnancy with Middle and my […]

Final Days of Freedom

I’m sitting at a coffee shop with my feet up.  Today has been so relaxing. Don’t think I haven’t relished every minute. Oatmeal woke up at 5:30am and starting rustling around the house.  A half hour later Poppyseed was up, too.  I made her get in bed with me and enjoyed our regular snuggling session […]

34 Weeks and Counting

On Thursday I hit the 34 week milestone.  It’s already Wednesday, so I guess I’m just going to go with a 34-35 week update. I have to be honest, life has been a little bit crazy.  A loved one had some serious health issues last week, so I left town unexpectedly.  I was gone from […]