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Baby Middle is 6 Weeks Old

Yesterday our little nugget turned 6 weeks old! Last weekend we made our first ever road trip to Louisiana as a family of four.  Ever since I had Poppyseed I’ve made a big effort to go to Louisiana to visit family every 6-8 weeks.  It’s never been easy to travel 4.5-5 hours with a kiddo, […]

5 Weeks Old and a Day in the Life

Yesterday our little Baby Middle was 5 weeks old! This is one of those posts that will end up in a baby book, so I apologize now for the annoying details and lack of entertainment, but this is life as we are living it!  I think that 5 weeks must be the turning point in […]

The easiest and most relaxing week ever. Said no one.

Another quick post… just for the sake of having some type of record of these first weeks of Baby Middle’s existence. On Monday Middle was 4 weeks old.  At 6:30am Oatmeal kissed us goodbye.  He was off to work and then catching a plane for a business trip that would keep him occupied until Thursday […]

In the Trenches

I’m writing a short post just because I know that the next four days are going to be nuts.  Oatmeal is going to be working out of state, so that means I am pretty much going to be on my own here with a newborn and a 2 year old. A few fun facts about […]

Surviving and (Sometimes) Thriving

Oh hello friends. After I wrote my last post about having the worst day ever with a newborn and a 2 year old, many of you reached out with some encouraging words.  THANK YOU.  It’s so nice to hear that you’re not the only mom who goes a little cray-cray when multiple children are crying […]

This is the truth and I’m sticking to it.

It’s Labor Day.  Both kids are asleep and Oatmeal is next to me reading a book.  It’s so relaxing around here right now. “Now” being the key word.  Because last week was probably, no definitely, the hardest week I’ve had as a parent. Friday in particular really kicked my ass.  Sorry for the language but […]