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Goodbye, house…

Tonight is our very last night in our College Station home.  It doesn’t even feel real to me. We moved into our home when Poppyseed was only 4.5 months old.  We have SO many memories here. I remember when I saw this house for the first time.  I loved it.  I thought it was the […]

Almost on the move…

I told myself that if I managed to get both tots down at the same time, I would ignore all other chores and write a quick post.  This is going to be such a random entry, but I have been so exhausted and need to catch up! The next few weeks are going to be […]

The Three Month Sleep Update.

Today it’s been just me and the nugget.  Oatmeal took Poppyseed to his brother’s house in Cypress for the day, and they should be back soon.  I had a long list of things that I wanted to do before they got home, but as anyone with a young baby can probably understand, I’ll be doing […]

On to the next.

We survived the fourth trimester.  Baby Middle is now 12 weeks old. A few updates about him… Eating – With a little bit of work, I’ve managed to space out Middle’s feedings to about every 3 hours.  I’m so happy to be in this place, because I am able to nurse him (for quite a […]