Archives for March 2015

Lola Flew the Coop! (and everyone survived)

On Friday afternoon I just about hit my emotional limit. I had been planning a weekend away for a few months now.  I have a couple of really great girlfriends who are about to welcome new babies, and I really wanted to see them before the babies migrated from the inside to the outside!  It […]

Life is Smooth Sailing and Middle is 7 Months Old

I think that we are all beginning to hit our stride. Baby Middle is now 7 months old!  I love, love, love this age! I am still trying to figure out his personality.  I thought he was so feisty when he was a tiny thing, but now that I see him growing out of his […]

Well, off the top of my head…

I hate that I have been averaging a blog a month at the most.  I miss it so badly because I absolutely love to write.  (Is anyone even out there?)  Writing is just something that makes me feel good.  I’m not a novelist or a creative person, but for some reason it just makes me […]