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Lola rants about marriage.

Let me start off by telling you that I once told someone out loud that I could not imagine ever fighting with my husband. At the time he was my boyfriend.  Or maybe we were engaged.  It doesn’t really matter, does it?  The point is that we had really never had a fight, and I […]

Poppyseed is 3 Years Old.

Dear Poppyseed, You turned three this week.  THREE.  I cannot even begin to tell you how fast this life of yours is passing me by.  I have been keeping a list of things that I just love and want to remember about these days with you.  Let’s jump right in. From the time you were […]

Happy 3rd Birthday, Poppyseed – From Dad

My Big 3 year old, Each year passes by faster than the last.  Each year I think that it’s going to be my favorite age for you, but they just keep getting better.  I know that daddies are supposed to treat their little girls in a special way, but I can’t see how the other […]

Baby Middle is 8 Months Old

I know I just wrote a novel about Baby Middle’s illness last week, but I can’t ignore the calendar – it’s also time for a post about his 8 month milestones! I just read the blog post that I wrote when Poppyseed turned 8 months old.  I was just laughing and shaking my head, because […]

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

So the thing about parenting is that you end up eating your words.  A lot. About two years ago I wrote this post titled “Are You Crunchy or Soggy?”  I happened to reread this post this week, and I came to two conclusions.  First of all, I was/am annoying.  There I was with my ONE […]