40 Weeks + 5 Days Pregnant with Middle

Well.  Hi. I don’t know why I’m updating, other than just to document that I’m still here. This morning when I woke up, I felt incredibly antsy.  I walked around the house in my bra and underwear and managed to accomplish absolutely nothing over a span of about four hours.  Oatmeal went on a 5 […]

40 Weeks + 4 Days Pregnant with Middle

The following paragraph showed up in my email this morning.  I quite appreciated it. It seems like your baby has opted for a late checkout, quite a popular option judging by the numbers. Fewer than five percent of babies are born on their actual due dates — and around 50 percent decide to overstay their […]

40 Weeks + 3 Days with Middle Baby

The past few days have been busy, and in a good way.  My big sister came to visit.  She and I have always been close despite an 8 year age gap and at least a few hundred miles between us.  Last month she, her husband, and three kids moved back to the States from Japan.  […]