Poppyseed is 11 Months Old

We are less than 1 month away from Poppyseed’s first birthday.  I don’t know if I’m thrilled or depressed about this. I fall more and more in love with my kid every day.  I seriously did not know that I could feel this strongly about another person, aside only from her father of course.  I […]

I guess I’ll be “that” mom.

I read an article today on USNews.com by an author named Yoki Freedhoff.  Here’s the link, but in case the link breaks one day, here are a few excepts from the article itself: I have three lovely little girls who range in age from 3 to 8. All three go to school, participate in organized, […]

Solid food, I’m no fan.

Poppyseed turned 6 months old in October, and to be honest, I was sort of dreading this little milestone.  I knew that at 6 months I’d have to start giving her solid food. I guess I was dreading it for two reasons…. first of all, we have been in such a great nursing routine.  I […]