Lola’s Postpartum Hormone Crash.

These are the facts and I present them in no particular order. I have been a mother for less than 72 hours.  I just had a very uncomplicated, relatively quick (11 hour) labor and an unmedicated birth.  The result was a beautiful, perfectly healthy, tiny baby girl.  She is currently sleeping on my husband’s chest […]

Nursery Musings…. Poppyseed’s New Dresser

Last night, as Lola and Oatmeal laid in bed reading and surfing around on the computer, Lola came across the perfect dresser for Poppyseed’s room. It was on Etsy, and it was perfect.  We’ve decided on a grey crib, and we just bought a white Expedit shelf from IKEA yesterday.  So this grey vintage dresser […]