Lola and the whole “Midwife” thing.

Let’s start off with a good laugh, shall we? I should write this post before I lose my nerve. You see, I am 100% on board with my decision to use a midwife.  Assuming I have a normal, healthy, uncomplicated pregnancy, I see no reason at all to go back to the hospital to have […]

Welp, we’re outta here.

I wish I had something exciting to type today, but the life of an overdue prego is really quite boring.  I walk, I eat, I walk, I bounce around on my birth ball, I walk, I squat, I walk, I take a bath, I walk, I tweeze my eyebrows, I walk, I eat an apple […]

Things you just don’t say to a pregnant woman.

4 days overdue today, friends. 4 days.  (Actually, if counting by my last period and not by the ultrasound due date, I’m 41 weeks, 4 days pregnant… but who’s counting?) I woke up this morning and realized I was still pregnant.  Thirty minutes later I pulled my teary eyed, snot-ridden face off of my pillow, […]